Movement as processing.

Movement as liberating.

Movement as understanding.

My classes aim to center the participants in their own bodies, take creative risks, and explore movement invention and creation through improvisational tasks. ​My movement philosophy is grounded in the notion that all humans are innate movers. We speak a common language, however the channel to interpret and understand that language requires care and intentional opening. Through my classes I aim to unblock that channel, heal, liberate, express, understand, and process through movement. The movement language is reciprocal between my students and I, ever evolving. I seek to both share my artistry and receive the artistry of others through my classes, while collectively engaging a spirit of inquiry.

The Amplified Body

Class or workshop open to anyone

The senses will guide us in a class navigating a deeper understanding of the body. Through improvisation, internal listening, and building the foundation for collective webbing in the space we will amplify the body, a magnifying glass on the art vessels that shelter us, transport us, and transport others in the world of movement.

Look out for open monthly classes on Thursdays!

Improvisation and Object Affinity

Workshop series open to anyone

Through writing, introspective authentic movement experiences, and interacting with found objects and a variety of improvisation activities, movers will develop an inquiry of how we relate to physical objects through dance. Visceral responses and object affinity will come into our lens as we investigate collections of objects, both individually and collectively. Whether navigating them as a curatorial arrangement in the space, or physically involving them in our movement process, these objects will direct our dances as we unravel our connections or aversions to them. This concept can exist as a standalone workshop, or a series of classes.

Butoh, Capoeira, and Contact Improvisation: Vessels for Healing

Curriculum for Undergraduate Students

Designed for freshman dance majors, this curriculum explores various movement forms as a lens for healing and liberation. Utilizing the healing properties of Butoh, Capoeira, and Contact Improvisation, students will examine personal movement practices through interdisciplinary research. As the course progresses, students will collaborate and develop solo material informed by these movement forms from Japan, Brazil, and the United States. Centered on student-led research and inquiry, this curriculum was intends to foster identity development and healing. Reach out to me for more information.