Garden of Ruins (2024) by SHADOWSWELL

Garden of Ruins is a butoh duet grounded in eco-somatics and lesbian intimacy as a perceptive, eternal, glistening web. Connected to systems of rebirth, two infinite bodies build, merge, float, and dissipate as they journey to an unspoken world and return to soil.

To Unfold and Hold (2023)

This work investigates the poetics of intimacy, tenderness, and unspoken words between women.  

Dune Dwells (2023)

This interdisciplinary project researches the landscape of dunes and sea on the National Seashore of Provincetown. The work lives through film, images, and poetry that capture the week of life isolated from the world in a remote dune shack.

Mudwound (2023)

A reorientation, interpretation, and empathetic response to the position of creatures and life in the mud.

Relic of Ritual and Rot (2023)

This interdisciplinary installation and live performance examines our decaying relationship with nature. Developed through daily practices of writing, drawing, movement poems, and site specific improvisation, this work unravels ritual as translation and metaphor, a transformative process to rebirth identity and connection.

swallow the fly (2022)

"swallow the fly" is deeply rooted in the dark underbelly of humans. Digging into the feeling of collective lostness in society, aimlessness, apathy, and how we manipulate others to cope, the movement transports and disorients. What lasts for longer than one might like, and what fades before it can be held onto? What feelings do we shy away from? What do we hide?

fragments of... (2022)

Based on the notion of a "self portrait", this work examines how we are only known to ourselves-how we are perceived by others is ultimately an incomplete fragment and projection. Audience members interpret pieces of my writing and place the words on me during the end of the performance to represent the notion that our image of ourselves is ultimately deeply tied to others.